For centuries, horseracing has been considered as a noble sport in Western countries.

In its 300 years history, thoroughbred racing has seen many champions. From the heroes of yesteryear to the greats of today, racing is all about winners. Thoroughbred horse breeding has also been dominated by western countries. Queen Elizabeth II, Earl of Derby, H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, H.H. The Emir Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum are the best examples.

Many are those who sought after the perfect horse, the one that could do anything. A horse so perfect it would rule them all. A horse with speed, stamina, grace, looks and a perfect pedigree. Thousands of years ago, the great Chinese Emperor Han Wu Di sought desperately after what he called the “thousand mile” horse or blood sweat horse, one with such ability that it could help him win any war. He went through great lengths to find it, sent armies throughout Asia and finally found the legendary horse. It was said that when he galloped his neck would sweat blood. He could travel 4000 miles daily. Once in a battle during the Han dynasty blood sweat horses were in opposition to Mongolian horses which retreated out of fear. The blood sweat horse is known to have a strong conformation, great physique and tough endurance. It was said that Genghis Khan's battle steed was also a blood sweat horse.

Yet in 300 years, racing had yet to see a horse that had everything until now.

Sea the Stars was bred by the Tsui family. This family is the sole Chinese thoroughbred owning family in Europe with 20 years of horse breeding experience behind it and Sea the Stars completed a Classic Season which had never been accomplished before. A season with scintillating wins on Europe’s most prestigious racecourses. Sea the Stars’ winning of 6 Group 1 races in a row within a six-month period, has astonished the world of horseracing. He won the greatest races, the biggest races, the best races. He captured the imagination of the racing world. He became a legend.

This website is dedicated to the greatest horse in the World, my Champion, my Companion. Sea The Stars, the Horse of a Lifetime.

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