Many are those who sought after the perfect horse, the one that could do anything. A horse so perfect it would rule them all. A horse with speed, stamina, grace, looks and a perfect pedigree. Thousands of years ago, China was always invaded by Xiong Nu and other neighboring countries. The first emperor of the Han Dynasty Gaozu of Han was faced with invasion as well and was opposed in battle to blood sweat horses. He witnessed their strength, tough endurance and outstanding conformation. Generation after generation, the emperors were obsessed with acquiring this ‘thousand mile horse’.

Emperor Han Wu Di the most powerful and influential King of the Han Dynasty sought desperately for the blood sweat horse one with such ability that it could help him win any war. It was said that when he galloped his neck would sweat blood. He could travel great distances with speed without being tired. He sent his general Zhang Qian to investigate Xi Yu since he had heard that they detained some blood sweat horses. After spending many years in Xi Yu, Zhang Qian acquired a better understanding of their customs, the resources they had and what type of strategy to use in order to conquer the country. He learned that there was one blood sweat stallion in Dai Yuan (nomad tribute which lived in the northern boundary of China).

Han Wu Di asked his Ministers to fabricate a big horse in 24 karat gold. He then sent his troops who traveled day and night from Chang An to Dai Yuen to exchange the gold horse against a few blood sweat horses but his request was refused. He invaded the whole Western Region but lost the war. Wu Han sent his troops again to Dai Yuan 3 years later. The country was already in political unrest so this time Dai Yuan was willing to negotiate. Wu Han’s troops had 2 horse experts which would help choose the best blood sweat horses (they brought back over a 1000 of them with many stallions and broodmares). Every year Dai Yuan would offer Wu Han 2 of their best blood sweat horses.

Han Wu Di chose one colt which he called Precious and did not separate from this horse until his Precious died. He won many wars on the back of his horse and his people would call him ‘the god horse’. Once in a battle during the Han dynasty blood sweat horses were opposed to Mongolian horses which retreated out of fear. The blood sweat horse is known to have a strong conformation, great physique and tough endurance. When his horse died, a golden temple was built to bury him. Han Wu Di became sick out of sadness for months. Thousands of years later, we all speak about the “blood sweat horse” of the emperor Wu Han.

Century by century, Emperors continued to look for what they called ‘precious horse’, ‘Ling horse’ “God horse” and “blood sweat horse”. During many dynasties generals used to say that who got “the horse” got the country. At the end of Han Dynasty General Lu Bo succeeded to find a speed horse which they believed was the so called blood sweat horse and he named him Red Rabbit. He became the most demanded general by the three Kings of the kingdom of three. An old Chinese saying, “Lu Bo is the man among men and his “Red Rabbit” horse is the horse among horses. It was said that Genghis Khan’s battle steed was also a blood sweat horse. Our emperors were obsessed with high speed horses and so were my ancestors.

Nowadays there are 5 blood sweat horses in China. 2 of them were offered by the Turkmenistan president to the Chinese Government. 3 others were bought from Turkmenistan by a Chinese government in 2007 for 30,000,000 RMB (Turkmenistan is between Russian and etc...). One of the blood sweat horses is now in Beijing, another is in Chang Chun City of Ji Lin Province and the third one was sold to a private person. All Chinese leaders were great lovers of horses. Chairman Mao traveled in all parts of Yen An, attacked and escaped from the troup of Nationalist leader Chiang Kai Shek on his loving horse.

He had refused to abondon his horse and embarked on a Jeep with Minister Chow An Lai, when Nationalist Army was already 3 kilo meters behind him.

He had once again succeeded to hide himself in a cave and came back to the communist camp with his old horse, the horse was already 22 years old.There were many legends that were told about horses with special powers but in 300 years, racing has yet to see a horse that had everything until now. Sea The Stars is the modern equivalent to the racing world to what the blood sweat horse was to all Chinese emperors.

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