CHAPTER 4: Volte Face

Understandably – as you will appreciate – my high-flying career in commercial circles went clean over Christopher’s head, acting as Adviser to Chinese Minister of Aerospace, Professor Sun JiaDong and Special Advisor to Minister of Labor, Professor Li Boyong Following the death in 1976 of Mao Tse-Tung, legendary first Chairman of the People's Republic of China, the most populous potential market on earth had gradually, warily begun to open its ports to the rest of the world. This volte face – destined to see China emerge as a world economic force – was headed by 'paramount leader', Deng Xiaoping. I spearheaded that rapprochement with a world for so long shunned by my mother country (since I am multi-lingual). To me the Beijing government entrusted a key role in the implementation of the Chinese four modernizations.

Ministry of Aerospace, Professor Sun Jiadong

Ministry of Labor Professor Li Boyong applauded the nomination of Ling Tsui
Mr. Liao Hui (left) - former Director of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs

Mr. Zhou Zhengqing (middle) - former Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission
Satellite signing ceremony between Middle East and China

General Shangguan Shipan – Committee of Science and Technology Industry for the National Defense

Bu he – Chairman of Inner Mongolia; 23rd descent of Genghis Khan

Paul Dijour – former French Minister of Equipment
General Shen Rongjun (left) - the Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND)

Ms. Liu Yazhi (right) - former vice minister of Ministry of Labour and Social Security, PRC

Bernard Henry Levy, French well known Philosopher and writer described in his book " Impression d'Asie " : Ling Tsui is the last of the Red Princesses of yesterday and the first of tomorrow because of her breeding, her quality and her power. ( Impression d'Asie edition Chene/Grasset, 1985 )

Ling Tsui appearing on French magazine cover with inside story about her successful career
Huang Quang Ying, Former CEO of China Everbright Group, Mr. Bernard Henry Levy and Ling Tsui
Ling Tsui in TianAnMen Square in the early 80’s
Impression d'Asie by Bernard-Henri Levy

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