CHAPTER 6: My son's nanny

True, we were accompanied by my son’s nanny and teacher an overseas Chinese woman born in Quebec. As such she spoke French, if not perhaps Parisian French. Christopher’s nanny was a warm-hearted woman who took great care of my son. She it was who taught him to speak and read English, not an easy task for a Chinese boy being brought up in Paris. She used to read Garfield comics to Christopher and loved to watch and laugh at cartoons on television. She also revelled in gossip from the world of stage and screen, her favourite actors being Pierce Brosnan and Mel Gibson. Each time a story broke about either of them breaking off a romance, she would exclaim: “Here's my chance!” When our family went to Deauville my nephew, Sebastian – then in his 'twenties – saw a James Bond type get out of a Ferrari and go into the casino with a starlet on either arm. “Whao, check out that guy. I wish I could be as cool as him with a girl like that on my arm,” my nephew exclaimed. Quick as a flash, my son’s nanny retorted: “Well, you have me!” That episode went straight into our family folklore. Actually, my son remembers that good woman fondly still. She looked after him so well for over ten years and imbued him with a lasting love of cartoons.

Nanny with Christopher
Garfield comics
Pierre Brosnan
Mel Gibson

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