CHAPTER 7: Sea of Women

My husband was mostly absent since he had to manage his family business in Hong Kong. My son needed a patriarch figure to look up to and model his behavior on but to no avail since he lived in the middle of a sea of women. I, his sister, nanny, my god daughter Chan (a star dancer), his cousins and my best friends were all having an undesirable impact on his personal development. Every day he would watch ‘Swan Lake’ or ‘The nutcrackers’ to meet my expectations whereas he had no interest in ballet whatsoever. My son’s nanny wanted to forbid his classmates from coming as often to our place since she wanted him to be more dedicated to his school duties. Christopher wanted to play with kids his own age because school was boring for someone of his intellect. That’s why he felt stifled by all these women who happened to have an ascendancy over him. He would watch James Bond movies to fulfill his boyish dreams since this was a way for him to live in a fantasy world unbound by reality. He wondered how men would have shave and watched James Bond using his razor blade to shave when preparing to meet a Bond girl. He would then get the message through vicarious learning. Christopher would wait impatiently for his dad to come and visit us in faraway Paris so that he could finally escape sometimes from the sea of women in his life.

Me, my friend Ting Ting Liu and my niece Jennifer in Longchamp
Ling Tsui
My god daughter famous ballet star Chen Hon Goh
James Bond
My son Christopher, photo of protestation in front of those sea of women
My niece Jessica
My daughter Christine

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