CHAPTER 9: Dancing with the stars

Not only did my son have to suffer my daughter’s piano lesson ventures but also to share Chan Hoh Goh’s ,my god daughter , successful Star ballet dancer of the National Ballet of Canada, who had just published her book Beyond the Dance. Chan had left Beijing at age of 7. I had been to the Goh ballet school to take a couple of lessons and saw Chan for the first time. She told me she really hoped to be a ballet dancer but her parents had forbidden her to follow the same path as they did judging it too taking, exhausting making them strive their whole lives. I decided to get myself involved (In her book Beyond the dance p 52 in which Chan has written about her life, she mentions me ‘her independence, determination and cultural refinement would become an example for me. It was she who had acquired for the Goh Ballet the chance to perform The Butterfly Lovers at a fundraising event for the lions Club of Vancouver at the queen Elisabeth Theatre. And it was she who convinced my father that I be cast as the female lead, telling him that I was clearly the most outstanding young dancer in the school. So it was Mrs Tsui that my first public performance had me in a leading role at the age of thirteen’. I greatly admired Chan’s talent and I wanted to add Ballet as my children’s extra curriculum activity. Life became impossible for my son as he was constantly under pressure to perform well, to reach perfection but this ideal was ever fetching and very quickly ballet just like piano turned into a nightmare for him. Once they got a role of decoration as a tree in the middle of the swans at the Christmas ballet presentation. It meant not to move at all during the 10 minutes of presentation. I finally had to face the harsh reality that my two children were not going to turn into swans like Chan but would stay ugly ducklings!

Chan Hoh Goh dancing Kitri Solo in Act 1 of Don Quixote
Chan is Prima Ballerina in the National Ballet of Canada
Christine starting her Ballet lesson in Paris
Christine was emulating Chan Hoh Goh

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