The Star and I
Chapter 15: Afterword

 Voilà. This journey is complete. My journey- our journey, dear reader, who accompanied me all along.

Christopher Tsui with his 2009 trophies


A journey with its numerous steps, places, moments and characters… In all this confusion memories would come back to me of Paris, the Parc Monceau, the Rond-Point des Champs Elysees, Versailles, Saint-Nom-La-Bretèche, Chantilly… Orlando… Newmarket, Curragh, Longchamp… Hong Kong, London, Covent Garden… Epsom Downs, Sandown Park…

Hong Kong


Garfield and Tom and Jerry, Pierce Brosnan and Mel Gibson… The “paramount leader” Deng Xiaoping and Liu Ting Ting, Professors Sun Jiadong and Li Boyong, Chen Hon Goh, and with her ‘The Swan Lake’ and ‘The Nutcracker’…

Pierce Brosnan
Deng Xiaoping
Minister Sun Jiadong received the Science and Technology Award from President Hu Jintao


Tom and Jerry
Mother's goddaughter's book


Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods… John Clarke and John Oxx… Clément… Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth and His Highness the Aga Khan…

Her Majesty the Queen
Tiger Woods


HH the Aga Khan
Michael Kinane and John Oxx


And of course, among beings that I cannot all enumerate- sometimes present sometimes absent, it is the law of journeys, but always at the centre: my mother, father and sister Christine. And my Sea The Stars and Urban Sea…

The Tsui Family at “Le Prix de Diane”


Urban Sea
Sea The Stars


But for myself who am I? Who was I before this journey and who am I in the end, since- how would I forget this famous expression which I have cited: “to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive”? I transcended the Jade horse, the Ling horse, which I rode as the Mongol horsemen, I left without a map or guidebook, the route opened before me as my life unfolded. I did the ‘Journey to the West’ of Monkey King in my own way. To the East too, by the way, having for moral support the philosophy learnt at a tender age: to always follow what I could see with my heart and not only what I could see with my eyes.

Jade horse


Monkey King
To feel with my heart


So, classically, it is about an initiation and what I wanted to relate throughout this book: where my learning years were mixed in with my traveling years. From which I now built all my convictions, my ‘spiritual food’: I don’t ask myself like I did yesterday what the Little Prince would do-the hero of Saint-Exupéry's book that my mother gave me- in this situation or facing that challenge, in looking for possible analogies between his life and mine. I understood with my heart that at my own infinitesimal dimension in the universe, I would contribute one day to make the world a better place not only for me but also for my friends and family. This is my prevalent discovery, the one I want to share.

Better world
The Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry


This book of a journey- the book you have read- doesn’t have a true conclusion. It remains open. Its lessons are concrete and actual. The very intense relation that is at its core is one of a mother and her son, and the narrative expresses all my feelings of a child who felt uprooted, lost in a culture utterly opposed to my own.

Mother and Son
Brother and Sister


Lost in a culture opposed to my own
Learned to make friends with people of different cultures


As a young boy, I adapted to survive in mastering the events thanks to this mythical figure of “horse”, so nurturing in my heart and imagination. Pursuing my mother’s love made me suffer piano lessons and ballet. I would rather laugh it off today but I still try in vain to find a meaning to these conventional approaches to learning. In what way would it have made me less superfluous? Of course I love my mother and sister but what could I have in common with their activities?

Suffering through my piano lesson
Singing performance in front of Chinese Ministers


Christine's cultural activities
Christine in her black swan costume


What could I have in common with these activities ?


I knew very well the meaning of my birth as a male; I would be the heir of the family and would have the heavy burden of carrying on my shoulders all of their hopes. My mother, a powerful woman in politics and international affairs, would more often consider me as an heir rather than the son of flesh and bone. My father, completely devoted to his favourite sports would be somewhat distant.

Heir of the family
Mother in Las Vegas' Air Show


Father on his golf cart
Mother with Thai Deputy Prime Minister Bhichai Rattakul


And everybody would think that my life would be easy, the son of rich people, surrounded by loving parents. Who in seeing the swan on the peaceful, quiet lake, would not forget that it would be frantically beating its legs under the water? Nobody would know about my moments of suffering and my battle to be up to the level of what I represented, what was expected of me.

Beautiful swan on the lake
Swan Lake Ballet


It is undoubtedly the unexpected arrival in my life of a filly named Urban Sea, which would change its course. Thanks to this horse, I have found my passion and a means of communication with my mother: it’s as if all of our mutual love had blossomed through this filly, my mother having gone through a metamorphosis. Her, with her unreachable personality, reincarnating in my eyes into a being of love. I, having the burden of being the family heir transmuted into the happiness of becoming a horse owner.

Mother with Minister Sun Jiadong and French Minister of defence Mr. Gérard Longuet and Minister of ecology, Mr. Jean Louis Borloo
Mother's metamorphosis


The burden to be the heir
The joy to be a horse owner


I followed Urban Sea’s whole career and through her course I have learned to make friends with people among other cultures, with different social and educational backgrounds. With Urban Sea’s success, I learned the pride of beating adversaries in her many victories. To the contrary, with Adieu au Roi’s whims, I also learned defeat and what it means to ‘lose face’.

With Urban Sea, I learned the pride of beating adversaries


Rainbow Dancer is another star of my stable
With Adieu au Roi, I learned defeat


I spent 5 years of my life in Orlando as a sportsman to satisfy the expectations of my father and 5 years in London to satisfy the academic aspirations of my mother…




In fulfilling my parents’ wishes, I learned in the process respect and admiration towards an idol such as Tiger Woods, from whom I was inspired to reach the mastery and exclusive concentration on the aimed goal. I also understood the importance of academic learning and respect towards my teachers.


My idol Tiger Woods
I was inspired by my idol to reach my goal


The importance of academic learning
Aristotle and his pupil Alexander the Great: the respect towards teachers


Throughout my life, my mother has taught me the philosophy of existence, the meaning of love, friendship, family, money, and how to find the right balance in the middle of this life chaos.







My sister, who is scholarly and loves me with all her heart, helps me find my own style in the written matter.

Christine and I grew up together
We rely on each other


She is always there to help me
Christine supported my horse venture


The loss of my best friend Clément Lesbordes made me feel the vanity of ephemeral possession, and how much we must cherish the people close to us as long as we are lucky to have them by our side; that it is necessary to tolerate the best we can the weaknesses and shortcomings of others in order to live in harmony and not have regrets in the future.

Living in harmony
Mother with her children guests


It’s then Urban Sea’s death that made me realize that what is essential is invisible to the eyes and can only be felt with the heart. From the time I was a child and thanks to my mother’s education, I knew that money cannot buy you happiness. This happiness can only be obtained through a quality of thought: there is a long educational path to follow before being able to grasp this quality of thought, which is something you acquire since it is not innate.

Positive energy
Happiness can be very simple


With the little colt Sea The Stars, Urban’s Sea’s legacy, which my mother gave me, I learned the responsibility of being an owner with the help of experts of the field.


My mother gave me that little colt Sea The Stars
I am the happy owner of Sea The Stars


The responsibilities of being a horse owner
To manage my racing and breeding career with professionals


I learned how to be and to act like a professional. With this dream horse, I have reached the summits of an exclusive profession, at the confluence of sports and business, of ethics and fortune: the breeding of thoroughbred horses and horseracing. I have experienced as an insider the madness of competitors, the battle and influences, the rumors and odd truths. I have shaken hands with the eminent and been listened to by the mighty. Then the glitter was swept off but I was unfazed. All these tests and successes have prepared me to become the man I am today.

Mother and Minister Sun Jiadong
I have been prepared to become the man I am today


As an epilogue for this book, at London Claridges on November the 18th 2009, my Sea The Stars, winner of 6 group 1 races, won the Cartier Horse of the Year and Champion 3 year-old Colt awards.

I received the Cartier Award 2009 from Mr. Arnaud Bamberger


My happiness was limitless, however shadowed by two great absentees. Between this day and 1993 indeed, during my first steps in the winning circle at the Lonchamp race course, I have sorely missed two cherished beings: Clément and Urban Sea.

Clément had spent many wonderful moments with Urban Sea
Our unforgettable mare


It is to them that I dedicate this book.

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