Découvrez notre concept store et sa sélection de maroquinerie et accessoires réalisés avec les meilleurs savoir-faire européens. Grâce à ces porte-bonheur, ma bonne étoile vous accompagnera.

Exclusive products

Discover our concept store and its selection of leather goods and accessories, made with the finest European craftsmanship. So many ways to keep me by your side, like a lucky star…


I am the son of the great Urban Sea and the talented Cape Cross. Both my parents passed down to me stamina, quickness, agility and speed. My lineage now dominates European racing and breeding.

The story of a legend

In its history, spanning three centuries, thoroughbred racing has seen many champions. But never in the world of racing had such a horse, with such talent, ever been seen before. I was to become a legend…

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